Vanadis Power was founded early 2020 by a small group of committed entrepreneurs with award-winning battery experience and strong track records in the energy industry. Vanadis Power holds the exclusive license to sell the patented ReFlex™ battery in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We bring a truly sustainable and competitive storage solution that contributes directly to the energy transition.


We work in close collaboration with our partners to bring ReFlex™ to the market. We are complementary partners, covering almost the entire battery value chain. The valuable feedback from our customers help us to continue to innovate our product.

Vanadis Power partners closely with UniEnergy Technologies (UET), a Seattle based company founded in 2012. Based on scientific breakthroughs at the Pacific Northwest National Lab and Sandia National Laboratories in the United States, UET undertook an 8-year development programme that resulted in the ReFlex™ battery. Ongoing innovations in the battery are driven and co-ordinated by the UET development team.

Our manufacturing partner is China-based Rongke Power, a pioneer in the manufacturing of Vanadium flow batteries. Rongke Power is currently deploying a 100MW/400MWh Vanadium flow battery, with another 100MW/400MWh deployment scheduled for next year.

Bolong New Materials is the world’s leading producer of vanadium electrolyte. Bolong exclusively produces the mixed-acid electrolyte for UET and Vanadis. Bolong has developed a process to win back vanadium from industrial waste like soot ash. That makes our battery even more sustainable!

Other partners are Auspac Energy Technologies, who deploy ReFlex™ in Australia and South-East Asia, and Chemours, the producers of our Nafion™ membranes.

Together we operate globally whilst we work with local partners to provide the service and expertise that is needed to deploy our batteries in the field. 


Over 1,000,000 hours with 99.9% grid-connected availability of deployed batteries
Industry veterans with 100+ years of flow battery technology experience
Patents granted for both the chemistry and the design of the ReFlex™ battery
More than 10 awards won including the prestigious Presidential Green Chemistry Award and the Energy Storage Association (ESA) Dr Phil Simmons award