ReFlex™ can be used by companies to reduce their electricity costs and to maximize the revenues from solar energy generated on rooftops. A commercial or industrial microgrid reduces the dependence on the main grid and the cost of connecting to that. It can also function as back-up power to minimize impact from power outages or price fluctuations.

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With more intermittent renewable energy being added to the grid, storage is needed to keep the grid stable and supply reliable, 24/7. ReFlex™ can be scaled to grid-level and applications range from peak-shaving to frequency regulation and arbitrage purposes. Due to the unlimited cycles, 100% DOD and longevity over decades, ReFlex™ is a competitive storage solution with a total cost of ownership well below conventional Lithium-Ion batteries.

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A growing number of companies and communities are self-generating to meet their energy needs from renewable energy sources, like solar and wind. Such a microgrid requires reliable electricity storage plants to solve the issue of intermittency in renewable energy supply, as wind and sun are not always ‘on’. Here our storage solution can help; ReFlex™ combines seamlessly with renewable energy sources to firm generation and to load shift into the evening peak with no recharge requirement until energy is once again available. We have already deployed ReFlex™ into several microgrids including a PV+ReFlex™+diesel system on a small island in the Great Barrier Reef, and a PV+Wind+ReFlex™+grid system for an industrial plant in China.

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Adding more renewable energy to the grid helps the world meet its CO2 reduction targets, but also increases the risk of power volatility. Some countries already experience a higher frequency of black-outs as a result of this. Critical facilities such as hospitals and data centers must have resilient and redundant power feeds. While diesel generators are often used, these are very difficult applications due to the low frequency of use and the instant on requirements. Also, monthly testing can be quite costly and infringe on emissions limitation. ReFlex™ batteries are a reliable alternative for diesel generators. And why not use your back-up power source to make use of the arbitrage in electricity costs? ReFlex™ can be used without capacity fade over an unlimited number of cycles, so do not let it stand idle.

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The growing number of electrical vehicles (EV) have many benefits, but also poses a challenge when it comes to the charging infrastructure. The new Porsche Taycan can charge at 400kW. This is the equivalent of the average load of almost 400 homes!

When EVs form a substantial part of the car fleet, our grid is simply not equipped to meet peak demand for charging, and even less so, to meet demand for fast-charging whilst traveling; waiting lines are already increasing. ReFlex™ batteries can help shave this peak demand for EV charging by continuously charging 24/7 from the grid or any other available source, and then simultaneously pulse discharging at high rate into EVs as they arrive intermittently.

Another area where peak demand can lead to grid instability is seen in ports. Vessels, such as cruise ships, require massive external power supply when their engines are switched off due to emissions constraints. This is where ReFlex™ can help maintain grid stability in ports.

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On locations that are not connected to the grid, such as building sites and festival locations, diesel generators are used to provide temporary power. Why not use ReFlex™ as a clean and silent alternative to a noisy and polluting generator? ReFlex™ modules can be scaled to meet the requirements on site. We are open to discuss lease or rental constructions.

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