ReFlex™ is our unique and sustainable battery, for commercial, industrial and utility-scale energy storage. It is a modular product, that can be scaled from 10 kilowatt to 100 megawatt.

ReFlex™ is a Vanadium Flow Battery (VFB) for stationary energy storage. A multi-million-dollar development programme resulted in this unique and patented product. With close to 1,000,000 hours of highly reliable grid connected performance it is now ready for commercial roll-out.


Flow Batteries store electricity in liquid electrolyte, instead of in solid electrodes as most other batteries do. This eliminates capacity fade and allows storage capacity to be matched directly to customer energy needs.

We use Vanadium, an abundant metal that can even be ‘harvested’ from industrial waste, to make our aqueous electrolyte. ReFlex™ is therefore a Vanadium Flow Battery (VFB) that is completely non-flammable with no risk of thermal runaway.

The battery consists of a power stack and two circulating electrolyte solutions that are separated by an ion-exchange membrane as they pass through the stack. The Nafion™ membrane in ReFlex™ is produced by one of our partners, Chemours.

The energy conversion from electrical energy to chemical energy (charge) and vice versa (discharge) occurs instantly within the power stack as positive and negative overpotentials are applied. Learn more about the tough development journey of our ReFlex™ battery in this article written by one of our founders, dr Z. Gary Yang.


ReFlex™ is based on patented and award-winning scientific breakthroughs in Vanadium electrochemistry which resulted in an electrolyte that provides double the energy density  and capacity compared to other VFBs. The ReFlex™ design is the result of dozens of field-proven production innovations. This makes our product simply the world’s best stationary battery for durable, deep cycle, long duration applications.


energy density & capacity




capacity fade


ReFlex™ also stands for re-usable, re-cyclable and safe. In our collective journey to transition the global energy system, we need genuinely sustainable energy storage. ReFlex™ solves several major lithium-ion battery issues, including recyclability and thermal runaway and capacity fade. ReFlex™ is a safe and sustainable battery with the intrinsic flexibility to help meet the world’s energy demands.


thermal runaway &
non-flammable electrolyte


recyclable & reusable


Often, the best technology or the most sustainable option is also the most costly one. Not here. Through the innovative use of common materials, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of ReFlex™ for heavy use applications can be 2 or 3 times lower than Lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on dispatch profiles to benefit from changing use cases and changing rate structures.


lower total cost of ownership


Our batteries have been tested extensively through thousands of cycles. Here are some of the impressive results. Independent third-party tests validate these results.

ReFlex™ has been tested more than any other flow battery model. Smart design decisions to meet NFPA 855, UL1973 and other proven industry standards reflect decades of customer-driven partnerships and field experience that hit the technology sweet-spot. ReFlex™ is produced in semi-automated and fully computerized ISO9001 & ISO14001 rated facilities.


All ReFlex™ deployed to date with almost 1,000,000 hours of operation remain fully available, with the longest systems operating for almost two years. ReFlex™ is the only vanadium flow battery product design for series installation and including seamless bypass feature to increase system-level availability 150X over containerized designs.


Series-connected ReFlex™ autonomously work together to maintain uniform state of charge with patent-pending no-loss state of charge (SOC) matching technology. Rather than using resistors or overcharging to force charge alignment, this no-loss capacity alignment is key to optimal long-term capacity without rest periods.


Comprehensive charge and discharge characterizations for different use cases have validated the flexibility of ReFlex™ to adapt to customer needs. The ideal number of ReFlex™ modules can be easily deployed to match virtually any application requirement.


Mechanical integrity of ReFlex™ was proven by 3rd party testing on a hydraulic shaker table. A production ReFlex™ endured 5G testing through all resonant-frequencies for a full hour. ReFlex™ has also passed tilt-testing to 45° in all directions.


Rigorous 100% discharge testing of a 4 times larger stack, validated zero capacity fade for 3,400 cycles. Detailed materials analysis substantiated no chemical, electrochemical, or mechanical degradation mechanisms.


To prove our battery presents no risk of thermal runaway, we short circuited a fully charged stack. This resulted in a temperature change of just 9°C. Further, 3rd party testing by DNV GL demonstrated the electrolyte is entirely non-flammable. This gives ReFlex™ over flammable storage solutions as some are already being banned in populated areas due to fire and toxic gas hazards. Fire departments classify Lithium-ion fires as defensive fires that cannot be extinguished with the goal being to limit collateral damage. These hazards multiply as storage system capacities increase.


ReFlex™ is designed to proven NFPA 855, UL1973 and other proven industry standards to ensure resiliency, and to simplify system design, production, installation and O&M.