Our breakthrough patented electrolyte has more than double the energy density of traditional Vanadium Flow Batteries (VFBs). This high electrolyte capacity has enabled patented compact design elements within ReFlex™ for an unrivalled deployed footprint of 20kWh/m2 including aisle space.

ReFlex™ is based on patented and award-winning scientific breakthroughs in Vanadium electrochemistry which resulted in an electrolyte that provides double the energy density  and capacity compared to other VFBs. The ReFlex™ design is the result of dozens of field-proven production innovations. This makes our product simply the world’s best stationary battery for durable, deep cycle, long duration applications.

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Even if the battery is kept for a continuous period at 0% state of charge (SOC) without maintenance charges – for example during a site build-out, there is no negative impact on the expected life span or number of cycles that the battery can make.

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The ReFlex™ electrolyte is so stable that it is able to operate through an unlimited number of cycles without requiring maintenance (i.e. mixing of the electrolyte) and it does not lose its capacity or energy density. This significantly increases the value of ReFlex™ as a sustainable asset with a long life-span of 25 years.

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The patented aqueous electrolyte in combination with the inherent safety of flow batteries ensures sufficient thermal mass to intrinsically eliminate the possibility of thermal runaway. ReFlex™ batteries are built with the highest material integrity and thermal tests proven safe even under direct short circuit conditions.

Rigorous inhouse and microgrid testing over thousands of cycles, short-circuit testing, series and parallel validation, vibration testing and tilt testing have confirmed the safety of our innovative design. ReFlex™ is specifically designed to operate in harsh environments and conditions, while meeting necessary safety, performance and environmental requirements.

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Our advanced electrolyte is immutable in the ReFlex™ product, yielding indefinite life. This means that, at the end of the economic life of a battery or project, the electrolyte can be continuously reused in another battery without losing its capacity. Virtually all other components of the ReFlex™ battery can be recycled, making our battery truly sustainable.

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Strong international collaboration with partners and customers has sparked the innovation and development needed to commercialise a cost effective, flexible and long-lived advanced Vanadium flow battery. ReFlex™ can provide demand charge reduction, peak shaving, renewable integration, ramping, frequency and voltage regulation and microgrid support. In this way, your battery is no longer a cost, but a way to earn money. Its longevity, combined with low maintenance requirements make ReFlex™ up to 3 times more cost competitive per kWh stored, compared to other batteries such as Lithium-ion.

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