By design, ReFlex™ is a modular product which makes it suitable for a wide range of use cases. Ranging from microgrids and commercial & industrial applications to grid-level integration. Click on the infographic below to find out how ReFlex™ can be integrated to suit your needs.


A single ReFlex™ module delivers 10kW/40kWh at 48V and serves as a ‘building block’ to meet your specific storage requirements. ReFlex™ can be scaled from 10kW to 100MW. ReFlex™ has been designed for commercial and industrial application, as well as grid-scale usage by utilities or microgrids.

Modules can be arranged in parallel and series to meet your site-specific voltage, footprint, and integration needs. Up to 25 ReFlex™ can be connected in series (a ‘string’) to match higher DC voltage requirements of modern power conversion equipment for example in the PV industry. And with no risk of thermal runaway, all ReFlex™ units can be stacked efficiently like books on a shelf for a compact electricity warehouse!

The modular design also offers flexibility. As your stationary power needs change, ReFlex™ can grow at the same pace. Additional ReFlex™ modules can be added to existing series installations without need for batching due to the autonomous no-loss matching technology.